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New Doodletoo wiki.

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==Features of Doodletoo== Guests: non users of Doodle Too. Can be anybody and of any skill level. Users: Users of Doodle Too get to use more features of Doodletoo such as setting favorite colours for quick use, adding friends (other users only) and making custom rooms. Fadeout: drawings naturally fade out, adding to the fast paced nature of doodle too. Typically in the main rooms, it is around a minute. In custom rooms, it can be any length. Ink limit: There is an ink limit. Users get more ink and ink limit can be changed in custom rooms. This is a negligible problem if you sketch with thin lines. For thick lines, or scribbling, it can be a problem. A low ink limit is usually the only means of defense against trolls on doodletoo as they need to recharge ink, which they rapidly use up from scribbling. Colours: A drop down slide lets you select colours. The spectrum can be limited; eg. flesh pink colour or olive green colours does not exist. Users can set favorite colours for quick usage Shapes: Like a stamp. Comes in the forms of butterfly, stars, squares, circles etc. Affected by colour and thickness. Thickness: A slide determines brush or shape thickness/size. Spray: affected by colour, this tool is exactly what it says. Adds some colouring depth to doodle too. Rooms: Rooms are where you draw. These can be affected by many settings such as background colour, fadeout time, ink limit, name, description etc. Users can create own rooms. The feature to make it private allowing friends in only) is helpful for escaping trolls but non troll guests cant get in either. Users can create multiple rooms but only if they reach length drawn (in their rooms) thresholds. Distance Drawn: this is the total length of all lines ever drawn in a room. Snapshot: This feature does not work. You're better off with a screencap Share: Also doesn't work

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